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1. Santa Claus 9

Santa; children; socks; fireplace; festival; Vector

2. Santa Claus 10

Santa Claus; children; girl; boy; snow; windows; fireplace; rocking chair; book; Christmas tree; fire; Vector

3. Life element icon

Sofa;seat;fireplace;furniture;curtains;table lamp;Desk;kettle;fan;TV;vacuum cleaner;brushes;electric drill;housing;coffee machine;the Statue of Liberty;icon;a fair balance;vector;AI format

4. Beautiful Christmas decorations Vector

stars; greeting cards; snowman; hat; scarf; Christmas hats; Santa Claus; ring tones; fireplace; socks; gift; gift box; cake; walking sticks; flowers; ball; snow; Christmas tree; red berries; candles; Vector

5. Romantic classical decorative elements material 02

Romance;classic;decoration;crystal ball;hanging ball;pink;bow;wallpaper;clock;lace;flowers fireplace;Christmas;Cubs;gift;layered material;transparent layers;png format

6. Variety of furniture vector material

furniture; sofa; chair; dining table; bed; bed; bookcase; cabinets; lamps; television cabinet; TV; chandeliers; bottle; furnishings; fireplace; coffee table; mirror; towels; stools; office chair; household; wardrobe; Vector; wardrobe