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51. The warm alternative Mood Card Vector

card; background; cards; alternative; lovely; warm; leaves; Today; ham pattern; squid; career; patterns; tricks; flowers; lines; Vector; leaves; lines; border

52. A fine ink style card template vector material

business cards; card; ink; flowers; rotation; background; butterfly; lamp; vip cards; patterns; Vector; Birdcage

53. Floral fashion business card design material


54. Beautiful flowers invitation

Wedding;wedding;celebration;blue;light blue;plants;pattern;invitations;card;EPS;vector;design;arts and culture;festivals;Weddings

55. Cartoon cute style business card template vector material

vector card; cartoon; lovely; lines; flowers; rainbow; cards; dynamic; Vector

56. Number of practical card background template vector material

Vector cards; cards; background; flowers; butterfly; radiation background; patterns; Vector

57. Cute Pop up Card vector material

Lovely;stereo;card;butterfly;lace;coconut;flowers;parrot;crabs;starfish;beach;sea;vegetable;;hippocampus;fish;shellfish;marine;vector material;EPS format;

58. Gift playful birthday card vector material

Shuiyu point;letters triangle pull flag;holiday;birds;gift;flowers;birthday;gifts;vector;AI format

59. the fashion autumn colors cards vector material Autumnbusinesscard

fashion; trend; autumn; cards; patterns; lines; flowers; leaves; abstract; Vector; Autumn; business; card; dynamic lines; cute

60. Red roses border wedding invitation card vector material

wood;dove;flowers;ribbons;love;wedding;invitation card;vector;EPS format