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61. Several fresh and simple card background material

Simple;simple;fresh;elegant;romantic;flowers;curve;leaf;stationery;Vector material;eps format

62. Cute little flowers jam vector material

small flowers; lovely; cards; jam; plate; typesetting

63. Creative Women s Day greeting cards vector material bouquet

Bouquet;flowers;flat;Day;greeting cards;vector;AI format

64. 2011 Chinese New Year greeting card template psd layered material 10

2011 New Year greeting cards;2011 greeting cards;New Year greeting cards;Rabbit down;2011 Year of the Rabbit;celebrate New Year;auspicious;Chinese knot;lanterns;flowers;roses;Year;greeting cards;Auspicious;Happy New Year;good luck;Plum;Spring;source files

65. Classical and elegant peony New Year greeting card template HD clips 01

Classical; Year; Year; blessings; greeting cards; cards; template; elegant; flowers; peony; New Year; HD footage; layered material

66. Christmas and winter landscape card tag vector material

Vector material;Vector;design material;creative design;festival material;Christmas;logo;dashed;bow;2014;light;light effects;blue;bird;trees;snow;2015;Dream;beautiful;Christmas flowers;pine;EPS;;

67. 2011 words Xin Mao Rabbit Rabbit greeting card PSD layered templates

Elegant;elegant;2011 Year of the Rabbit;Ink rabbit;rabbit ink vine culture;spend rabbit;ink rendering of flowers rabbit culture;Happy New Year;Fortune;greeting cards;cards;background;New Year;highquality pictures;psd format

68. 5 sets of beautiful business card template vector material

Automotive; dynamic lines; grid; abstract; distortions; dotted line; lines and surfaces; flowers; patterns; background; fashion; trend; Music; nostalgia; radiation; optical full; sense of space; vectors material

69. Simple rustic decoration material png

png;flowers;sun;transparent flowers;snails;decorative cards;straw rope;ornament;wallpaper;grass;others

70. Easter

eggs;flowers;Butterfly;clouds;greeting cards;happy;easter;vector;AI format