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1. Folder cover design template material

Light;dynamic lines;technological sense;background;template;folder;Cover;vector

2. Practical file folder cover vector material

practical; folder; cover; circle; crayons; nonmainstream; patterns; dream; notebook; lines; Vector

3. Brochures and folders cover design vector material


4. Several company documents folder cover design vector material

light; dynamic lines; sense of science and technology; background; template; folder; cover; Vector

5. Magazines and folders vector material

Magazine;Cover;typesetting;folder;colorful lines;decorative patterns

6. PNG transparent red folder icon 256x256px

Red folder;empty folders;a picture folder;Pictures folder set;network folder;circulation folders;folder encryption;folder decryption;Pictures folder;Documents folder;encrypt document folders;user files folder;file transparent folders;download;open folder;Crown;search folder;folder underside;folder c...

7. Basketball exquisite wooden desktop folder icon PNG 256x256px

Basketball folder;close the folder;open folder;folder underside;folder cover;Documents folder;user information folder;Music folder;basketball Pictures folder;basketball movie folder;User Music folder;user picture folders;user movie folder;user whistle folder;text folder;settings folder;camera folder...

8. XP style icons desktop PNG 128x128px

User information;confirmation;XP firewall;like folders;alarm clock;doubt;printers;empty folders;folder;folder cover;full folder;Pocket PCs;Music folder;Pictures folder;video folders;Music s;pictures download;movie download;font folder;camera;calendar;disconnected from the network;copies;cycle;networ...

9. 16 personal matter personalized folder icon PNG 128x128px

Women;dark;nonmainstream;DEAD MAN;cartoon characters;sexy girl;PLAYBOY cover girl;Japanese actress;punk character;magic figure;evil spirits;football baby;movie characters;Liberty;tattooed woman;female avatar

10. ring element pattern background 01 vector material

ring; patterns; elements; ring; background; envelope; CD cover; VI; folder; Vector