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51. Text Border fantasy flowers vector material

Fantasy flowers;text frame;flowers;veins;curve;Elevators;mosaics;elegant decorative border

52. Practical corner flower border vector material

Decoration;frame;Horn;corner decoration;pattern;practical material;decorative & Borders;

53. Elegant flower celery album templates HD material 01

Elegant;warm;flowers;album;frames;background;transparent layer;HD footage;png format

54. Elegant flower celery album templates HD clips 02

Elegant;warm;flowers;album;frames;blue;background;transparent layer;HD footage;png format

55. Hand painted flowers and decorative box PSD material

Hand drawing;flowers;lace;floral frame;painting;art;drawings;color art

56. Rosette border vector material

Rose ring;border design;golden bells;green leaves;flowers;flowers frame picture material

57. Valentine s Day Love Angel PNG material

Cupid; love; the love of God; angels; cards; pencil; lace; Frame; pattern; Continental; flowers; PNG material; frame

58. Green vine edge decoration vector text boxes

Text box;plant;flowers;lace;vine;Frame;border;text;cards;books;wooden frame;template;vector;design;plane;material;decoration & Borders

59. Wedding postcards 05 vector material

wedding; postcards; love; bride; cartoon; beautiful; Photo Frame; heartshaped; flowers; flowers; background; Vector

60. Both fresh and elegant flowers and decorative borders png material

Fresh and elegant;flowers and decorative borders;border stamps;wood frame;png stratification;PSD (layered material)