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1. Exquisite green icon vector material

Ribbon; bow; eco; dialog box; dialogue bubbles; Go to go; green; balloon; Earth; green flag; palm; Green; mouse pointer; square; web; 2.0; Ribbon; puzzle; the ladybug; trash; stickers; roadblock; Vector

2. Green icon vector material

Bow;eco;dialog;dialogue bubble;go;green;balloons;Earth;green flag;palm;the mouse pointer;square;web;2.0;ribbons;puzzles;ladybug;trash;stickers;roadblock, EPS format

3. Teach you how to adjust the clean and comfortable colors of pictures(original tutorial)

...erent. For example, if there are grasses in the picture, then, adjust them green and adjust it blue if sky is there. All in all, choose the colors which appear in the picture and usually need to choose the red as well as yellow to adjust the color of skin and the luster of the figure. The value is f...