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1. Gorgeous gold lace border vector material 11

Ribbon; paper; patterns background; floral patterns; bow; diamonds; Ribbon; patterns; noble; gold; gorgeous; lace; borders; European; Vector

2. Medal medal vector material

Medals; Medal; gold medal; Ribbon; bow; hundred percent; champion; first; gold and silver bronze medals

3. Red Ribbon theme vector material

Ribbon; bow; festive; wedding; badge; the shield; gold; circular; dentate; bow; the tag; Crown; texture; stereo; wound; the button; patterns; volumes corner; gorgeous; Vector material

4. Golden European element vector material

European; patterns; gold; gorgeous; Ribbon; streamers; banner; shields; bow; Crown; Vector

5. Golden decorative graphics vector material

Ribbon; gold; yellow; in bow; patterns; flowers; dimensional star; pentagram; Vector

6. Gorgeous Christmas tree vector material

Christmas tree; brilliant lines; snow; stars; gold ball; bow; fashion pattern; Vector

7. Golden decorative patterns vector material

Ribbon; banner; bow; the Crown; Frame; Photo Frame; wheat; lake; corners grain; gorgeous; gold

8. Golden Christmas theme vector material

Christmas; pine; loose branches; tag; labels; hanging ball; decorative ball; bow; Ribbon; snow; gold; Vector

9. Continental ribbon reel vector material

Ribbon;reel;roll;gold;shields;stickers;crystal ball;bow;round;envelope;icon;vector material, EPS format

10. European pattern ribbon photo Vector

European; gorgeous; patterns; wallpaper; gold; classical; retro; Ribbon; bow; Polaroid; borders; Photo Frame; lace; hole; Vector