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1. Gold drops psd material

Gold;droplets;psd material;water;closeup

2. Gold Arabic numerals psd material


3. Gold badge icon PSD material


4. Gold series psd material

Material;PSD (layered material)

5. Gold Bonding psd material


6. Gold and silver bronze medal psd material


7. Classic color surface gold at the end label stickers psd layered material

Classic;retro;label;notes;stickers;red;green;blue;purple;layered material

8. Tiger Spring PSD material

Tiger;tiger;2010;Year;Chinese New Year;bumper;lanterns;fireworks;red silk;bloom;gold;gold ingots;radiation;PSD (layered material)

9. 2011 Happy New Year greeting card PSD layered templates

New Year greeting cards;gold rabbit spring;couplet;gold ingots;traditional waterlines;lanterns;2011 Spring Festival picture material;Spring;background;PSD material library PSD format

10. 3D Oscars psd material

Cute;stereo;statuette;gold;image material;PSD (layered material)