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1. Grape vines, grape leaves border vector material

grapes; vines; grape leaves; borders; lace; patterns; vectors; material

2. Fruits vector material

fruit; borders; sailing; watermelon; grapes; grapes; peaches; cherry; lemon; seagulls; pineapple; Vector

3. Cartoon autumn theme decorative borders png material

Autumn;flowers;pumpkin;grapes;curly grass pattern;decorative border;png stratification;PSD (layered material)

4. Black and white rattan plant lace border vector material

lace; borders; vines; grape leaves; Vector

5. Continental ornate label vector material

Ribbon; shape; gold; patterns; borders; grapes; shape; strawberries; packaging; bottle stickers; label; gorgeous; European

6. Sexy cartoon trend vector material

Sexy cartoon trend vector material;;trend;sexy;beauty;heartshaped;headset;gorgeous;Hyun;shading;pattern;Dj;halo;grape wine;border;illustrations;Radiation;learning;Vector material;EPS format

7. The background models Akiba Maple vector material

Maple Leaf; leaves; autumn; fall; Akiba; deciduous; borders; origami; knuckle; grapes; background; Vector

8. Classic European style bottle stickers and patterns 03 vector material

Classic; European; bottle stickers; stickers; patterns; gold; grapes; glasses; wine stickers; shading; borders; Vector