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1. Labels & labeling vector material

tags; labeling; price tag; signs; stickers; decals; purchase.; New; New; discount; shops; circle; Vector

2. Tag labeling vector material

Label;labeling;the price tag;signs;stickers;decals;sale;new;new products;discounts;shops;round;vector material;EPS format

3. Sales label vector material

label;box;decoration;sales;discounts;Earth;buttons;crystal style;new;praise;vector material;EPS format

4. Golden ornate label vector material

label; badge; gold; Ribbon; best; free in; new; banner; Crown; European; patterns; gorgeous; circular; Vector

5. Hot Items icon

New listing;new;new products;decorative icon;promotion;tag element;supermarket tag;stickers;practical label;supermarket stickers;Hot icon;ai

6. 2 sets of shopping icon vector material Vector icon; shopping; web design icon; settlement; credit card; bank card; cart; purchase.; Labels; new; listed; tag; shopping bags; Bag; gift; cart ; pen; sci

7. Department store sales stickers

Arcade labels; sales stickers; discount label; ribbons; percentages; New; promotional label; malls AI vector material download

8. Mall sales discount label vector material

the tag; streaks code; barcode; button; Bag; shopping bags; stereo; crystal ball; half; discount; purchase.; New; sold; cheap; free in; discount; Add to Cart; Vector

9. A variety of red decorative label graphics vector

vector tag; labels; label; red; sales; discount; shopping; scissors; purchase.; Dollar signs; circular; gear shaped; knuckle; volume angle; tear; web design; new; free; web2.0; Vector

10. Colorful corners tag vector material

Colorful labels;label design;wrap angle labels;logo design;discount tags;discount shopping;new logo;EPS vector clip download