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51. Wood ribbon label psd layered material

Personality;flat;trends;decorative;design;fashion;material;graphic design;Photoshop;PSD (layered material)

52. YES NO Labels PSD Layered Material


53. The Notepad the cortex UI label psd layered material

cortex; Notepad; labels; psd; the UI

54. Notify PSD material

Notification bar;web label;prompt label;label design

55. Classic color surface gold at the end label stickers psd layered material

Classic;retro;label;notes;stickers;red;green;blue;purple;layered material

56. Dropdown menu psd material

Label design;dropdown menu;label;96DPI

57. Exquisite dialog box psd layered material

exquisite; icon; button; labels; pages label; dialog box; psd layered material

58. Exquisite promotional tag psd layered material

exquisite; labels; stickers; promotion; discount stickers; psd layered material; promotional labels; Medal

59. Gorgeous price tag psd layered material

gorgeous; price; labels; listed; promotional cards; psd layered material; red; promotional labels

60. Crystal Label

Crystal label;PSD (layered material)