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31. Exquisite sticker label vector material

Exquisite label;stickers;badge;ribbon;bottles paste;origami;tag

32. Retro sticker label 04 vector material

Classic; retro; labels; stickers; bottle stickers; Ribbon; icon; Crown; patterns; lace; borders; lines; percentage; stars; Vector

33. Beautifully commercial label stickers vector material

Commercial labels;exquisite stickers;gear;decorative patterns;ring;Continental stickers pictures

34. Creative tab labeled stickers 03 Vector

creative; labels; stickers; digital; plate; Vector

35. Practical texture stickers label 01 vector material

practical; texture; stickers; labels; embedded; stickers; Vector

36. Concise fashion label stickers vector material

Simple stickers;fashion label;decorative boxes;gesture;color bars;series of stickers

37. Cartoon moon label stickers

Stickers; stickers; cartoon; lovely; moon; clouds; the stars; trees; ladders; lawn; halo; books; paper; heart; fish; ship; sea; origami; vector material

38. Label bottle stickers Vector

tags; bottle stickers; strawberries; grapes; ringed; Crown; ribbons; classic; European; patterns; Vector

39. Funky labels and stickers vector material


40. Percentage label stickers vector material

Red;label;notes;stickers;percentage;Sale;price;discounts;listed;tag;icons;vector material