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51. Love shaped goods tag label vector material

Halo;Heart;labels;love;classic and practical;logo;round;commodities;stereo

52. A fresh green label and tag vector material

Ribbon;Green;logo;greenery;bottle affixed;vector label;fresh;label;shape

53. E commerce site tag label vector material


54. Retro product tag label design vector material

Flowers;labels;sales;classic and practical;promotion;logo;vintage;listing;trademark stickers;Products

55. Creative letter tag vector material

Letter label;label templates;label design;creative label;EPS vector clip download

56. BUYME tag vector material

Label design;origami tag;buy label;dialog stickers picture material;the label material AI vector free download

57. Website Promotion Tag

Red label; shopping bags; gesture; sales stickers; red ribbon; gear label; wrap angle labels; icon; web buttons; page tags picture material;website material AI vector free download

58. Irregular borders tag vector material

Label design;creative label;irregular borders;elegant label;retro label;EPS vector clip download

59. Promotion Tag

Promotional labels;tag;stickers;Taobao promotional label;price;cdr

60. Promotion Tag

Discount labels;promotional stickers;big;sale;tag;Taobao label;ai