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81. Color Tips tag vector material

Color Label;paper labels;prompt results;the message box;design;labels;love;dialog;triangle;EPS vector material Free

82. A variety of fine fruit label tag vector materials

Vector icons;apples;icon;barcode;fruit;listing;blueberries;red berries;paper stickers;plums;Peach

83. Shopping Tags Vector

icon; commodities; shopping; labels; listed; price; discount; quality; trolley; stickers; label; banner; Vector

84. Winter sales promotion tag vector material

Winter;snow;labels;SALE;promotional labels;snowflake label;blue;practical

85. Supermarket sales tag vector material

Supermarket labels;sales design;cloth label;the label side of the car;mall stickers picture material;supermarket AI vector material

86. 3D square tag vector material

Stereo label;square;housing;key;3D tag;labels EPS

87. Language Bubble Tag

Shaped label; birds; ribbons; badge; bow; dialog stickers picture material;EPS vector clip download free label

88. Beautiful and practical discount sales tag vector material

Labels;classic and practical;logo;discount;mall with labels;vector labels;discount labels

89. Sales tag quality certification vector material

Quality certification stickers;label sales;discounts;arrow;ribbons;badge;industry identity;European labels;label

90. Room house sales tag vector material

Room numbers;sale tags;listing;tag;price tag;web label;discount label picture material