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81. Purple Ribbon label vector material


82. Several foreign labels vector material

Sales;strawberries;watermelon;milk;abroad;vector labels;practical;commodities;foreign labels

83. Exquisite label sinks vector material

Labels;stickers;black and white;silhouette;stamp;tag;vector material;seal;label sales

84. Discount label vector material


85. Feet label vector material


86. Color labels vector material

Labels;colors;shading;color;chromatography;vector material

87. Colorized origami label vector material

Labels;classic and practical;creativity;Bright;origami;letters;letters label

88. Green Ribbon label vector material

Ribbon; label; graphics; shape; fivepointed star; green leaves; banner; Vector; labels; Green

89. Delicate origami label 04 vector material

exquisite; origami; labels; insert; Ribbon; labels; Vector

90. Golden badge label 03 vector material

gold; a badge; labels; discount label; Vector