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1. Lines and dots background

2. Messy lines and dots element vector material

Messy lines and dots element vector material

3. Dotted line design elements ps brush material

Point;line;design elements;psd;brushes;abstract;PSD (layered material)

4. European classical pattern vector material shading; patterns; gorgeous; vectors; lovely; flowers; Phnom Penh; dotted line; gradient; the Quartet continuous; chains; quiet; English; wings; flowers; spr

5. Card background vector material dynamic lines

dot; wavy line; dynamic; lines; curve; cards; cards; background; Vector

6. Dynamic blue lines background vector material

Dynamic lines;blue background;white dots;blue gradient;streamline background

7. Abstract lines bubble brushes psd layered material

Brushes;line;dots;circle;bubble;psd;abstract;PSD (layered material)

8. Vector

trend; fashion trend cover template 03; dot; patterns; graphics; lines; abstract; cover; magazine; books; inside pages; template; design; arrow; Vector

9. Gorgeous flowers shading 02 vector material

brilliant; flowers; shading; dotted line; halos; Pomo; splash; colors; lines; Vector

10. Elegant pattern eggs 05 vector material

elegant; patterns; eggs; patterns; posters; dotted line; line art; background; Ribbon