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1. Loading conversation bubble icon PNG 128x128px

loading conversation bubbles;loading clock;loading exclamation;loading talk;load;loading ON;loading ZZZ

2. Make the Christmas snow words(original tutorial)

...er Gallery – Sketch Stamp Step 4, Rotate the canvas at 90 degree clock wisely and choose filter style the wind (left),moreover, use CTRL + F to repeat the filter effect again at 90degree counter clock wisely. Step 5, Filter – Blur – Smart Blur, Filter Filter Gallery Sketch torn...

3. Purple alien technology PNG Icon 128x128px

Purple CD case;mysterious CDROM;mysterious drive;IE browser;clock;handbag;crystal ball;mysterious substance crystal ball;Earth;communications;networking;Technology;stars;file cabinet;dial;controlled rudder;LOADING;symbol;the arrow buttons;moon button;eject button;printer;ruler;CD box;mysterious disc...