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1. 60th anniversary vector logo

National; 60th anniversary; logo; Vector logo; Vector

2. 60th anniversary celebration logo vector material

National; 60th anniversary; Memorial; signs; logo; Vector

3. 60th anniversary celebration logo vector material

National Day;60th anniversary;commemoration;signs;logo;Vector material;Tiananmen Square;19492009;Graphics & Symbols

4. Jingdong big promotion anniversary poster PSD material

Taobao;Lynx;Jingdong;Jingdong big promotion;one million none;open the whole network;blew the audience;the tenth anniversary;anniversary day;the anniversary month;one million surprise;Jingdong signs;Jingdong LOGO;Reward;purse;exgratia strikes;wallet;promotional activities;promotional posters;Taobao p...