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1. Lovely lovely hand painted love element vector material

handpainted; lines; random; love; love; Winnie; heart; arrow; LOVE; dialogue bubbles; vectors; material; patterns

2. LOVE love postmark material

Postmark;love;LOVE;wings;the stars;Vector material;icon;cute

3. Love love colorful pattern vector material

Romantic;love;lover;Love;WordArt;pattern;3D characters;handwriting;pens;butterfly;Heart

4. Love Theme LOVE 3D characters vector material

Vector fonts;heartshaped;English alphabet;font;LOVE;vertical stripes background;love

5. Lovely lovely vector elements Vector

icon; fish; green leaves; lotus; dragonfly; blisters; clouds; grass; Vector; Dream

6. Lovely lovely Christmas snowman Vector

Christmas; Snowman; sun; Mianmao;; snow; bucket; sunglasses; sled; gloves; bib; Vector

7. Lovely lovely 2011 calendar Vector

flowers; 2011; calendar; dates; month; colored pencil; the the blackboard; drawing board; apples; figures; candy; Vector; cartoon; flowers; Almanac

8. Lovely lovely star illustration Vector

stars; illustrator; flower fairies; nostalgia; graphics; patterns; fivepointed star; the vector material; little girl

9. Lovely lovely breakfast pictures Vector

breakfast; pictures; pot; lotus root; fork; knife; glasses; cake; cheese; sauce; bread; Vector; lines; cartoon

10. Marriage Love Theme Qinghe Love WordArt vector material

Heartshaped;WordArt;vector;font;Qinghe Love;marriage theme;wedding theme word;sweet;love