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1. Congratulations Spring 2015 mall promotional posters vector material

...5;Congratulations to the New Year;Year;year presses;special sale;halfprice promotion;gold sheep;red lanterns;fireworks;clouds;pattern;golden yellow background;gifts;gift;Olympic background;festive background;threedimensional characters;WordArt;Spring Poster;New Year panels;Chinese New Year activitie...

2. New Year s Day promotions exquisite mall posters vector material

New Year deals; WordArt threedimensional characters; red background; dream spot; light radiation; holiday material; CDR

3. Mall at the end of cheap promotional poster design vector material

Annual minimum;only once;crazy cheap;crazy bargainhunting;takeUnit;jog dial;home sales;lucky win manners;subscribe hit the golden eggs;eaves;coins;Star;curtain;red lanterns;Ribbon;sheep auspicious;2015;red background;Ram Poster;poster;holiday material;poster design;advertising design templates;vecto...

4. New Year huge benefit malls promotional activities designed vector material

Chinese New Year;New Year;Year;New Year huge benefit;Overall 50%;plum;Prunus;eaves;2015;red lanterns;the audience Maijiu;coupon;Ram wishful;Starlight;red background;Ram posters;promotional posters;holiday material;poster design;advertising design templates;vector material

5. 5 discount malls exquisite Christmas Promotions Banner material

Holiday material;banners;streamer;discounts;promotion;Christmas tree;Christmas Eve;festival poster;eps

6. Taobao promotional posters psd material

Taobao;save money at home;Taobao material;money;activities;sale;other templates;Taobao Mall;material;promotional bar;new product launches;shop fitting;discounts