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1. Cartoon computer 05 HD Images

Cartoon; computer; master chassis; HD picture

2. Super multi page material Korea

South Korean master page source.

3. New practical PSD design material

Salute;fu;master of ceremonies;gift;Year;holiday;PSD;flat;design;material;PSD (layered material)

4. Kung Fu Panda PNG material

Panda;Kung Fu Panda;Awa;Bao;raccoons master;Crane;snake;PNG material;hero;effort;Jiao tiger

5. Kings Bounty Armored Princess _ the first hurdle scenes + role

Game; scene; European; Europe; church; castle; dragon; devil; tree; wells; soldiers; Master; dwarves; knight; female soldier

6. Inflatable doll Baymax quick painting strategy attached with PSD

...eresting; to use pure white body to reflect rubber texture, in fact, tests master of light and shadow than rich colored objects. The tutorial mainly explains the ideas and process details; please refer to the attached PSD; it is very simple. Official reference: I generally use the method to build...