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1. KFC new product Poster


2. Color new product label vector material

The stars;labels;New;logo;listed;new product;thumb;practical

3. Exquisite new product label vector material

Labels;classic and practical;New;new

4. New product discount label vector material


5. Vector material of color new product label

Labels;classic and practical;knuckle;New

6. Hot Items icon

New listing;new;new products;decorative icon;promotion;tag element;supermarket tag;stickers;practical label;supermarket stickers;Hot icon;ai

7. Congratulations to the New Year and good luck

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8. Merchandising tag

Vector material; Vector; design elements; arrow; tag; stickers; stickers; creativity; heartshaped; lace; SALE; semicircle; barcode; colorful; trend; prices; discounts; marketing; sales; commodities; NEW; new products; Save price

9. Tag labeling vector material

Label;labeling;the price tag;signs;stickers;decals;sale;new;new products;discounts;shops;round;vector material;EPS format

10. Hot Items icon vector material

New products;Hot;discounts;box;new;sale;gift;icon;vector material;EPS format