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1. Vector old man singing singing the elderly performances AI format

Vector old man singing, singing, the elderly, performances, AI format

2. muscle elderly Vector

Vector; black and white; figures; elderly; old man; muscle; sun

3. Environmental cartoon character

Villain; old man; boys; girls; house; trash; bike; green; environmental protection; bottles; Strip; energysaving lamps; vector material; EPS format

4. Cartoon fairy tale image vector material

Love;cartoon;fairy tales;stars;Castle;frog;the frog prince;rabbit;animals;rabbits;Chalet;;image;Prince;Princess;Pegasus;carriage;pumpkin;crown;horses;old man;sorcerer;soup;drive;vector material;EPS format;

5. Cute cartoon fairy tale image of the 02 Vector

cute; cartoon; fairy tale; image; Prince; princess; Pegasus; castle; carriage; pumpkin; crown; Crown; the horses; old man; shaman; soup; driving; Vector