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1. 4 models of pen and paper vector material

Vector pencil; pen; brush; dagger; knife; lace; borders; ink; Old paper; Vector

2. Office supplies stationery vector

office supplies; stationery; lamps; paper; pen holder; pen; stapler; ruler; Notepad; paper notes; paperclip; paperclip; folder; office desk; chair; computer; station ; Vector

3. PS paper collage source file 11

Paper;paper;pen;background;decorative;wrinkled;torn edges;PSD (layered material)

4. PS paper collage source file 12

Paper;paper;Notepad;pen;background;decorative;wrinkled;torn edges;PSD (layered material)

5. The office stationery HD picture

the pencil; colored pencil; automatically pencils; ruler; pins; scissors; pushpin; ballpoint pen; pen; stapler; graver; pen; pen holder; pencil sharpeners; correction tape; cards; hook the compasses; HD picture of the; tape; rubber; calculator; sketches on paper

6. Stationery vector material

pen; pencil; pen; paperclip; clip; checkmark; Crystal round; button; colored pencils; crayons; stationery; paper notes; learning; Vector

7. An elaborate template VI

Template;work card;documents;pencil;clip;flag;lighters;books;DVD;CD;notebook;cup;mug;envelope;U disk;pen;ballpoint pen;document paper;cards;magazines;letters;

8. Office icon 2 vector material

Photo;paper notes;Mug;white;Notepad;paper clip;icon;stationery;keyboard;pencils;pen;vector material;EPS format

9. Notebook PSD material


10. Office icon 1 vector material

Photo;paper notes;Mug;white;Notepad;paper clip;icon;stationery;keyboard;pencils;pen;notebook computers;calculator;laptops;wood;Desktop;vector material;EPS format;