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1. Festival pattern

Beautifully decorated Christmas vector material pattern;European pattern;classical pattern;pattern plants;holiday material;border pattern;magpie;branches;bell;Santa Claus;EP

2. Festive icon

Pattern style;beautiful icon;happy;ai

3. Chinese traditional festivals elements psd material

Festival;celebration;red cloth;drums;colorful;ribbon;silk;gong;pattern;lanterns;fireworks;folding;small speaker;curtain;festive;psd layered material;PSD (layered material)

4. Lantern Festival Pictures Free Download

Holiday material;Lantern;jade;tassels;pattern;holiday material;vector;ai;

5. 2011 Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival PSD layered templates

Chinese elements;2011 squiggle;small rabbit;spend rabbit;classical pattern patterns;Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year picture material;Spring PSD material;PSD format

6. Chinese New Year Lantern Festival celebration knot PSD material

Graphic design;decoration;festive;pattern;Spring;Lantern;Chinese knot;festivals;PSD (layered material)

7. Congratulations to the Festival exquisite background material psd

psd;Autumn;MidAutumn Festival;fine;pink;lotus;congratulate Autumn;tradition;pattern;PSD (layered material)

8. The gorgeous bright Christmas background pattern Vector

gorgeous; ball; patterns; bright; Christmas; background; patterns; snow; patterns; red; festive; hanging ball; the starlight; halo; festive atmosphere; Vector material; dream; spot; crystal ball

9. Heritage Classic Mid Autumn Festival gift valued PSD material

Traditional waterlines;Chinese dragon;Jinlong;classical pattern;moon cake packaging

10. Spring celebration festive poster design download vector material

...celebration;New Year;Year;Goat;festive;red;classical frame;brilliant light;pattern;Happy;New;red lanterns;auspicious Year of the Goat;2015;Urban recommendations;New Year poster;Chinese New Year promotion;Chinese New Year posters;holiday material;poster design;advertising design templates;vector mate...