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1. Public places icon 01 vector material

public places; icon; patterns; identity; Male; female; wheelchair; stairs; elevator; baby; WC; garbage baskets; arrow; pointing; villain; Vector

2. Places Of Interest png icon

Eiffel Tower in Paris;the Roman Coliseum;UK Big Ben;Egyptian pyramids;US Statue of Liberty;Taj Mahal;buildings;png icons;themes icons

3. Public places signs icon vector material

Common signs;Icon Sets;aircraft;bus;elevators;phone;staircase;taxis;ships;envelope;sports;signs picture material;free download icon vector material AI

4. The Balance and Composition of Layout

...pter, contrast demonstrations are conducted through images. Let’s try to place image with text and see the outcome. It is almost balanced with text filling in the blank. In the photo, left is too much while right too less and its opposite, and top is too much while bottom too less are all unbalan...

5. Yellow Gold Medals

Gold; silver; bronze; first; metallic; champion; runnerup; third place; trophy; podium; Medals; Olympic gold medal; gold; medal icon; advertising design templates; vector material; EPS format

6. Nostalgia Environmental Icons vector material

Puppy;bird;place;holding;environmental protection;logo;small house;leaves;trees;leaf;wind power;windmill;lightning;tanker;gas stations;recycling;trash;umbrella;rain;upwards;Fragile Vector material;;product EPS format

7. The nostalgic green icon identifies vector material

butterfly; puppy; bird; placed; holding; environmental protection; logo; small house; leaves; trees; leaves; wind power; windmill; lightning; tanker; gas station; recovery; trash; umbrella; rain; up; fragile; Vector

8. Inflatable doll Baymax quick painting strategy attached with PSD

...rform the deflated air texture of Baymax with Gaussian blurring 2 px; this place needs to apply and not too be regular, and then on the other side, use the mirror method to copy highgloss; after you adjust the shape and angle, it is ok. 14. Do not forget to deal with the shadow of the head and ph...

9. 5 Steps to Easily Create Magnificent 3D Characters

... we can add some particle materials at the bottom of the text, they can be placed freely and you can find materials you like on Baidu.com. 4. Overall Color Modulation Next, let’s adjust the hue of the whole picture, tools such as "Color Balance", "Selective Color", "Curve" etc. are commonly use...