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1. Cartoon sports equipment

Cartoons; illustration; cute; vector material; hockey; equipment; sports; helmets; clothing; skates; EPS format

2. sports and street pop culture elements vector material 12

cactus; clothing decorative patterns; trend text; horseback; desert; silhouette; Vector

3. Male clothing to wear the the items line drawing vector material

Tshirt; Tshirts; shorts; hat; baseball cap; vest; dagger; cigarettes; jeans; sunglasses; glasses; sports shoes; revolver; belt; Vector

4. Football Vector

play football; football; movement; ball clothes; shot; extraordinary; dribbling; sports; silhouette; net smash; athletes; figure

5. Japanese style cute stick figure

Animals;furniture;appliances;Japanese festivals;countries landmarks;vegetables;fruits;instruments;clothing;flowers;food;sports;stationery

6. The basketball elements of theme vector material

Vector; basketball; sports; athletes; silhouette; basketball clothes; jersey; rebounds; basket; shooting; dunk