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1. The blank employee card HD picture

Staff Card; tag; blank; guest card; ID card; HD pictures

2. Simple VI template vector material

VI; VIS; cards; cards; stationery; envelopes; pen; shopping bags; closing END head; lighters; teacup; staff card; patterns; plaid; Vector; tree

3. A simple VI template vector material

stationery; cards; business cards; disc; envelope; dynamic lines; pen; folder; Notepad; staff card

4. 3 simple VI template vector material

business cards; stationery; envelope; shopping bags; patterns; staff card; documents; pens; coffee cup; disc; cover; Vector

5. Green shopping theme icon material

Money;coin;card;bank cards;cart;character;staff;work;commerce;supermarket;buy;services;baskets;Frames;green;computer;web;icons;design;material;themes icons

6. 12 sets basic VI template vector material

Enterprise; VI template; VIS; stationery; stickers; envelopes; cards; cards; badge; staff card; disc bag; disc; pen; dynamic lines; curve; origami; dream; fashion ; patterns; blocks of color; CD; Vector

7. Of two piles basic VI element vector material

VI; VIS; corporate image; envelope; stationery; disc; advertising pens; staff card; cards; cards; banner

8. Blank enterprise the VI application of elements of vector material

folder; stationery; white paper; paper; blank; staff card; cards; cards; disc; cd; calendar; envelope; advertising pen; Bag; paper bags; handbags; VI ; template; Vector