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1. 3 models of green plants vector material vector flowers; vines; coconut tree; apples; leaves

vector material

2. Green icon vector material

Green; environmental protection; carbon; icon; recovery; Earth; the leaves; ladybug; bulb; tree; cars; butterfly; sun; water droplets; bubbles; flowers; Vector; pencil; trees; small birds; green leaves; leaves

3. Green tree branches silhouette with butterfly vector material

Vector; leaves silhouette; butterfly silhouette; green leaves; butterfly; sales; sale

4. Green vector

Green; foliage; grass; tree; apples; environmental protection; leaves; Vector; carbon; bushes; leaves

5. Flowers and trees vector material

flowers; leaves; green leaves; Christmas tree; wild chrysanthemum; branches; bushes; plants; grass; trees; Vector

6. Green icon vector material

Green;environmental protection;carbon;icon;recycling;Earth;leaves;ladybug;bulbs;trees;cars;butterfly;sun;drop;bubble;flowers;vector material;pencil;birds;green leaves;EPS format;

7. Green Icon Set Vector

environmental protection; green leaves; wind power; freight; trucks; Green; hammer; refueling; wheelbarrow; house; tools; electric drill; posting boxes; trash; leaves; bulb; water droplets; trees; chimney; sunflower ; energysaving

8. Paragraph 88 green icon material

PNG;housing;leaves;green leaves;recycling symbol;footprints;sun;animal;kangaroo;fish;butterfly;shark;chimney;steering wheel;trees;trash;danger;cattle;deer;faucet grass;topic icons

9. 2 sets of green icon vector material

Vector icons; Green; spring; leaves; apples; lemon; trees; trash; house; underwater; leaves; germination; Earth; cars; green flag; Vector

10. Green house Vector

house; green leaves; rotation; arrow; sun; holding; patterns; coconut trees; housing; tall buildings; Vector; silhouette