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1. Happy New Year Vector

Happy New Year; papercut; China Wind; tradition; Spring Festival; auspicious; Vector

2. Happy New Year and Birthday Happy vector material

Vector font design; Happy New Year; happy birthday; Spring Festival; New Year; Vector; Zhang Shan

3. "Happy New Year" vector fonts

Happy New Year

4. Beautifully Happy New Year poster

Happy New Year poster vector material exquisite;Spring;Happy New Year;paper cutting;pattern;holiday;moire;vector;eps

5. 3D Happy New Year Vector

dimensional characters; happy; new; year; 2011; colorful; shine; starlight; snow point; background; Vector

6. Happy New Year New Year Showcase

Firecrackers; window; Spring Festival; lanterns; to congratulate the New Year; red background; holiday material; peony; fish every year; glass paste; Ram material; lamb; ingot; windows; vector; cdr

7. 2011 Happy New Year background Vector

2011; Symphony; spot; glare; dimensional characters; happy; new; year; 2011; background; Vector

8. Stereoscopic Happy New Year English Vector Vector

vector letters; dimensional text; happy; new; year; artistic fonts; Christmas tree

9. 2011 special pattern Christmas and Happy New Year vector material

pattern; 2011; Christmas tree; rabbit; Year of the Rabbit; New Year; happy; new; year; Vector

10. Fine Happy New Year poster vector material Free Download

Chinese New Year;Happy New Year;paper cutting;pattern;holiday;moire;vector;eps