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71. Distressed vintage stripe pattern

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72. Vintage texture pattern of extremely rare PS

PS; vintage; retro; texture; patterns; JPG

73. Vintage bicycle posters vector material


74. Retro vintage carriage vector material


75. Vintage pattern border vector material Vector material

vintage; European; patterns; lace; borders; line art

76. Vintage movie camera psd material

vintage movie camera; Shanghai; old movies; films; shooting; screenings; player; film; filming; equipment; metals; domestic; machine; 35 millimeters; lens; focus; PSD layered material; source Library; 300DPI; PSD

77. High Definition the vintage chandelier PS brush

HD; vintage; obsolete; retro; chandeliers; PS; brush

78. A vintage typewriter retro style vector material

Classical;vector;vintage typewriter;retro style;typewriter

79. Vintage postcard Vector 03 Vector

retro; postcards; gear; stamps; prints; stationery; stamp; envelopes

80. Vintage wooden frame vector material