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21. Retro wine label collection 05 vector material

retro; wine stickers; labels; collection; headphones; telephones; wear; stickers; lines; Vector

22. Gorgeous and elegant wine label sticker template vector material


23. Classic European wine bottle label vector material 1

Classical;Continental;bottle stickers;label;gorgeous;pattern;graphics;lion;crown;grapes;wine;border;the stars;ribbons;pentagram;model;Crown;shading;Vector material;eps format

24. European wine bottle label vector material b

Continental; Classical; Classic; bottle label; the stars; gold; stickers; vector material; eps format

25. Vector material of creative food and wine label

Borders;lace;label;classic and practical

26. Black and white label wine sign vector material

Black and white;labels;liquor sign;stickers;vector material

27. Classic European wine bottle label vector material2

Classic;European;bottle stickers;labels;gorgeous;border;stars;ribbons;pentagram;model;Crown;patterns;shading;vector;eps format

28. Wine vector

wine; bottle; wine; champagne; whiskey; glasses; bottle stickers; label; Vector

29. Coffee label Vector

coffee; labels; stickers; menu labels; wine labels; wine stickers; Vector

30. Red wine background bottle stickers banner vector material

wine; wine; bottle stickers; label; background; grapes; cup; Vector; glasses; grape leaves